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The Dubuque Education Association (DEA) is the professional organization representing teachers, nurses and counselors in the Dubuque Community School District. The professional organization is the sole bargaining agent for this group and helps members in other areas such as teacher rights, professional development, legal assistance, government relations issues, and much more. Members who belong to DEA also belong to the National Education Association (NEA), Iowa State Education Association (ISEA), and JDC UniServ Unit (Regional office).

Dubuque Education Association
Executive Board Members and
Committee Chairpersons for 2013-2014

Tammy Duehr, President, Contract Maintenance
Home 582-4261 School 552-5775

Joel Miller, Vice-President, Chief Negotiator
Home 584-0790 School 552-5350

Molly Weber, Secretary, Public Relations Comm. Chair
Home 556-0922 School 552-3500

Amanda Goranson, Treasurer
Home 563-608-1217 School 552-5500

Jody Dirks-Bahl, Membership Chair
Home 582-4490 School 552-3309

Allison Drahozal, Government Affairs and Political Action
Home 583-1991 School 542-0553

Joanie Heitzman, Executive Board Member
Home 583-3906 School 552-5776

Bridget Daly-Wilhelm Executive Board Member
Home 543-1564 School 552-4800

Theressa Northouse, Public Relations
School 552-3500

Kelly Pfohl, Elections, Executive Board Member
Home 590-0988 School 552-5500

Linda Rodrigues, Minority Rep
Home 552-2095 School 552-5200

Peggy Becker, Resolutions Comm. Chair
Home 557-1071 School 552-3730

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